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Confusion over lanes

Reported via desktop in the Road markings category anonymously at 11:47, Friday 23 July 2021

Sent to Highways England less than a minute later

Drivers are confused approaching Spittals roundabout and ignoring the fact that the left lane filters to the A1 only. This is causing issues with three lanes of traffic merging into two.

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  • Lanes are very confusing!! Far left lane now states to go only left but also has an arrow forward. You are meant to go in the middle lane and then far left but road markings are not clear at all! Nearly a crash every time I drive there, very very dangerous as isn’t clear

    Posted anonymously at 17:06, Friday 23 July 2021

  • A serious accident waiting to happen !!! Why on earth change the lanes ?! Hardly anyone turns left, so why now give up a whole lane for turning left ? There is going to be a very serious accident if this is t looked at URGENTLY

    Posted anonymously at 12:14, Saturday 24 July 2021

  • Shocking layout at Spittals roundabout. Needs urgent action

    Posted anonymously at 15:07, Saturday 24 July 2021

  • Crazy layout very dangerous

    Posted anonymously at 15:34, Saturday 24 July 2021

  • Very confusing road markings are going to lead to accidents.

    Posted anonymously at 15:47, Saturday 24 July 2021

  • Accident waiting to happen!

    Posted anonymously at 15:48, Saturday 24 July 2021

  • Three lanes disappear to two lanes on entering the roundabout. This is utter stupidity on the part of whoever designed this road layout and is basically multiple accidents waiting to happen. The three lanes then magically reappear again only a few yards later. Please re-mark this road before someone is seriously injured, or worse!

    Posted anonymously at 15:59, Saturday 24 July 2021

  • A serious accident waiting to happen !!! Why on earth have the lanes been changed?! No one turns left, or very minimal traffic a dedicated lane is not needed. Signage is rubbish and road marking don’t make sense. These needs looking at URGENTLY or a SERIOUS accident is going to happen!!

    Posted anonymously at 16:25, Saturday 24 July 2021

  • A serious accident waiting to happen !!! Why on earth have the lanes been changed?! No one turns left, or very minimal traffic a dedicated lane is not needed. Signage is rubbish and road marking don’t make sense. These needs looking at URGENTLY or a SERIOUS accident is going to happen!!

    Posted anonymously at 16:25, Saturday 24 July 2021

  • Nearly wiped out by a lorry swinging across lanes . Not the first incident this week .

    Posted anonymously at 17:46, Saturday 24 July 2021

  • Why??? Whose stupid idea was this?? Why fix something that wasn't broken in the first place. Should have been left how it was.

    Posted anonymously at 18:39, Saturday 24 July 2021

  • Who on earth decided it would be a good idea to do filter lanes at Spittals a major accident is going to happen here before long. Should have stayed as it was

    Posted anonymously at 19:56, Saturday 24 July 2021

  • With regardsbto Spittal roundabout in Huntingdon. Why the change? Who turns left that it needs a seperate lane. Who ever decided this doesn't live around here.

    Also the traffic lights stay red for 3 times as long as needed. Some action needs taking ASAP.


    Posted anonymously at 20:05, Saturday 24 July 2021

  • This is so dangerous at the moment. Need to improve turn left signs and lane seperation ASAP.

    Posted anonymously at 21:16, Saturday 24 July 2021

  • Very dangerous ! small yellow signage . Road markings rubbish. Nearly wiped out by another car .

    Posted anonymously at 21:48, Saturday 24 July 2021

  • What was wrong with the lanes as they were ?? The new lane layout and the traffic light sequence is madness and needs to be changed back to how it was before. It worked so what possible reason was there to change it

    Posted anonymously at 22:44, Saturday 24 July 2021

  • The new and dangerous road marking don’t make any sense. As you drive onto the roundabout you can’t tell which lane you are supposed to be as the lanes don’t match up. People in the right lane to turn right immediately hit zigzag lines in their lane on the roundabout which forces them to swerve into the middle lane, dangerously cutting in front of cars or nearly side swiping them. Only a matter of time before an accident occurs here. It needs to be changed. Also the traffic light timings are off. Too long a waiting time.

    Posted anonymously at 10:12, Sunday 25 July 2021

  • The change to the lane road markings are very confusing. When going over the roundabout 3 lanes go into 2 then back into 3. There is a hatched area on the roundabout which is not needed. This is very dangerous. Was nearly hit by a massive lorry not knowing which lane he should be in. I come home every evening this way and dred it as feel one day I will be in an accident. It worked perfectly well before. Why has it been changed. The person who changed it obviously diesnt use it! Also the traffic lights take ages to change causing a build up of traffic. Its madness!

    Posted anonymously at 11:00, Sunday 25 July 2021

  • Very dangerous new road markings at Spittals. The newly hashed area of the inside lane causes cars to jump lanes. The whole roundabout is very hazardous and an accident waiting to happen. The traffic lights from the Brampton direction and set in red for far too long causing large tail backs if traffic.

    Posted anonymously at 06:56, Monday 26 July 2021

  • Yet more confusion over the lanes at Spittals Interchange this morning. 26/07/21 at 07:40.

    I highly recommend you use those thin reflective 1m markers to create a barrier to show that the left lane is for left only.

    Last weekend when me and girlfriend were riding our motorbikes we had to deal with cars trying to drive into the side of us hoping we'd move over into the other lane.

    Posted anonymously at 07:44, Monday 26 July 2021

  • Dear Sir/Madam

    Thank you for contacting us via Fix My Street regarding the Spittals Interchange.

    We appreciate you providing feedback and reporting the incidents you’ve experienced around the new layout on the approach to Spittals Interchange. We recognise that the temporary measures we put in place have caused some confusion and may not have been clear. On Wednesday, 21 July, we put additional temporary signs in place to support the current road markings and made more changes to the directional sign already there. We’re finishing the work by installing lane markings on the roundabout and the straight ahead arrow in the inside lane will be removed. Last week we also found and repaired a fault with the controller that runs the traffic signals at the junction. This should resolve the problem with the traffic light timings you’ve reported. The changes we’re making at the junction are a result of a design to make sure the correct destination signs are in place for the A1307 and A141. In order to manage the traffic, rather than closing the junction completely, we’ve done the work in phases around the roundabout. The road marking layout on the eastbound approach to Spittals is the last phase of this work. Lane 1 is now designed to be a dedicated left hand filter lane, solely intended for drivers wishing to exit Spittals roundabout and head northbound along the A1307 towards the A1M. Lanes 2 and 3 are for drivers continuing to travel on the A141 eastbound, or exiting Spittals roundabout to head southbound along the A1307. As with any changes to the road layout on our SRN, we have installed temporary signs on the approach to Spittals roundabout, advising that the road layout has changed. As a temporary solution, we’ve also masked off the incorrect information on the approaching signs while replacement signs are being obtained. This ensures that the information on the signs matches the road markings on the approach to the roundabout, which should make it clear for approaching drivers which lane to take for their journey. Thank you again for reporting your concerns and I hope you find my reply reassuring. If you would like any more information on this please contact me again.

    Kind regards Highways England

    State changed to: Closed

    Posted anonymously at 13:37, Tuesday 3 August 2021

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